Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Dover District Council Scrutiny Committee

Dover District Council decided in October to remit the planning fracking decision to its Scrutiny Committee.

DDC invited Official bodies like the EA on an evening last week, Community campaigners against on Monday and in theory the company on a third.

The meeting with Environmental Agency happen last week where they voiced their concerns on the quality of the application from Coastal. Despite Coastal decision the stop their planning applications last Thursday DDC decided, rightly in our view, to continue the process so Councillors could gain more knowledge about the subject.

Last night they heard speakers from EKAF, CPRE, 'Keep Shepherdswell Well, local campaigners from Guston.

The general impression was that the Councillors recieved the testimony very positively and were impressed by the scope of argument and the clear voice from the communities affected.

and the session with Coastal ? .... apparantly they have not answered the orginial invite.

Yet another example of the inability of the company to engage with the Communities they seek to stream-roll into fracking.

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