Monday, 21 October 2013

Parish Council votes against test bore holes

Tilmanstone Parish Council joined Shepherdswell, Guston and Eythorne and Elvington to vote against Coastal Oil and Gas's planning applications for test bore holes. 

A great example of people power by people wanting to safeguard their communities and landscape - well done too to the parish councillors for listening...

Dover District is the next layer of planning cycle Monday 11th November ...

Plus we recieved some further clarification from KCC Planning on how objections need to be and whether general points about 'Fracking' may be made:

Dear Mrs Rechter
Thank you for your email. 
The planning applications for exploratory boreholes are required to be determined against the development plan and any other material (relevant) planning considerations.  This includes the Government’s advice set out in the National Planning Policy Framework and the recent Planning Practice Guidance for onshore oil and gas to which you refer to.  I have to determine the applications as they are submitted.  In this case, the applicant does not seek planning permission for fracking.  I therefore will have to decide on a case by case basis whether representations that also raise concern about fracking are relevant to the determination of the current applications.  It is not a simple case of saying this representation refers to fracking so it is not relevant.  
I will certainly not be binning any representations that are received, but may conclude that some issues are not relevant to the determination of the current proposals. This is not an uncommon practice for a planning authority to follow.
I am happy to receive either one letter covering the three applications, providing it is clear that it is relevant to all three applications or to receive individual letters depending upon the preference of the sender.
The Environment Agency’s Consultation on Technical Guidance for onshore oil and gas exploration is separate to the planning guidance and sets out the guidance that the Environments Agency will follow as part of its regulatory process.
I hope that the above is helpful.
Kind regards

 Sharon Thompson

Head of Planning Applications 
Planning and Environment,
Enterprise and Environment
Kent County Council  Invicta House, County Hall, MaidstoneKent ME14 1XX

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