Wednesday, 16 October 2013

KCC Cancells Public Meeting 16th Oct

16 October 2013

Discussions between Kent County Council, the Environment Agency and other interested parties have led to the cancellation of a planned public meeting on three planning applications for exploratory boreholes in the Dover area, which was due to take place early next month.
 In order to allow a full and proper assessment to be made of all impacts of the proposals, the applicant Coastal Oil and Gas is being asked to provide more information, which in turn could lead to significant changes to the proposals.
John Davies, Chairman of the Planning Applications Committee at Kent County Council, said: “It would be wrong to hold a public meeting and ask for local opinion on these proposals when we are not in possession of the full facts. It is possible that there could be substantial changes in information. For the same reason, it would also be inappropriate for my Committee Members to visit the three sites.”
 Upon the receipt of additional information that Coastal Oil and Gas will need to provide, further consideration will be given to their proposals by KCC in consultation with other relevant bodies and the local community before any decisions are made.
 The three applications are KCC/DO/0216/2013, KCC/DO/0217/2013, and KCC/DO/0218/2013 for temporary use of land for up to 52 weeks to allow drilling of an exploratory borehole top test insitu coal measures for methane gas, including provision of drilling rigs and associated site compound at Guston Court Farm, Guston; former Tilmanstone Colliery, Eythorne; and Shepherdswell respectively.
 For more information on these, please visit our planning pages.

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