Sunday, 29 September 2013

Fracking in the Garden of England - Meeting 16th Oct

Fracking in the Garden of England?
What you should know
Coastal Oil & Gas Ltd has recently submitted three applications to drill exploratory boreholes in East Kent to test for the presence of coal bed methane and/or shale gas. If these applications are approved and the extraction of unconventional gas or oil is found to be feasible and profitable, the companies involved would eventually - if not immediately - apply to carry out fracking at these sites.

Ian Crane, ex-oilfield executive of Fracktured Future fame, will share his valuable experience of working in America and present a comprehensive introduction to the process of hydraulic fracturing (fracking), including information about regulation and safety issues in the UK.

Graham Warren, hydrogeologist and Chair of the Environment Group of CPRE-Protect Kent, will give a presentation about the local geology and explain the high risk of contamination of the water resources of more than 70% of the population of Kent from exploratory drilling at these sites.

Sue Taylor of Conservatives Against Fracking will also be present to provide us with a first-hand account of what it is like to live near Cuadrilla's exploratory borehole at Balcombe. 

In the last half hour of the evening, Rosemary Rechter, Chair of East Kent Against Fracking, will introduce and chair a Question and Answer session, giving you the opportunity of putting your own questions to this distinguished panel of speakers.
Wednesday, 16th October
Connaught Hall, Dover Town Hall,
Maison Dieu House, Biggin St,
DOVER   CT16 1DL −      Free event

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